Our Team

CONTACTICA is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of doctors, engineers and technicians who carry out their work in research and development related activities in cooperation with research centres within specific projects geared towards the development of new products and services. Among its team, CONTACTICA has signed doctors and technical personnel through the INNCORPORA program from the Ministry of Science and Innovation (now Ministry of Economy and Innovation).

The team that composes CONTACTICA has taken part in numerous R+D+I projects geared towards the development of new products or services, as well as the improvement of features for those already existing, which demonstrates the ability of our team to manage and develop the lines offered by the company specially in the fields of Eco-Innovation, the Food Industry, Health and Environment.

What we do

We improve the competitiveness of enterprises

Nowadays, the competitiveness of SMEs is directly related to their ability to finance and differentiate themselves as well as access to international markets. CONTACTICA has created a platform of partners at national and international level which, combined with our experience in the management of funding sources, allows it customers to optimize their investments in innovation and internationalization processes.

CONTACTICA provides access to sources of funding to improve the competitiveness of enterprises through:

CONTACTICA shares the risk of project implementation, accompanying clients along the way, leading the partner search process, the definition and composition of the proposals as well as its justification. We are what we do, we make things happen.

Our methodology aims for our customers to get the best results from their projects, minimizing investment costs through access to direct funding sources.

Our values

The extensive experience in the business world of professionals in CONTACTICA, gives the company a strong technical capacity in the field of R+D+I in the areas of biotechnology, environment, health, eco-innovation and strategic internationalization processes which are now, more than ever, necessary to support the competitiveness of business and people.

The philosophy and values of the company are based mainly on:

The sum of the above values ensures the SUCCESS of our projects.


As a result of our activity, in the last 3 years as a company we have achieved the following milestones:

We have changed!
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