Comprehensive R+D+I management:
Access to funding for R&D - Innovation management - Exploitation

One of the main objectives of CONTACTICA is to seek and obtain opportunities for regional, national and European funding through agencies of various kinds such as the European Commission, National Development Agencies, Employment Services, Chambers of Commerce, etc.

We have wide experience in funding programs such as FP7, CIP Eco-innovation, LIFE +, as well as those managed by the Ministry of Innovation and Economy of Spain and the Centre for Industrial Technology Development, a Spanish agency.

CONTACTICA offers its clients comprehensive support in all stages of development within a project (see figure on the right) from the validation of the idea, partner search, coordination, writing and submission of the proposal, implementation, technical and financial justification, evaluation and transfer of results.

This service is specifically designed for business in the following sectors:

A new information management & exploitation tool (IMET) is being developed by CONTACTICA, which integrates innovation management and ICT systems into a smart platform. IMET will boost the exploitation potential of research and innovation project results, accelerating actions related to market and making it possible to overcome potential market uptake barriers at an early stage.

IMET will be tested within the scope of projects currently being coordinated by CONTACTICA and by 2016 there will be a product to be used by all coordinators.

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