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Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience and capability in detecting the needs of different industries and propose solutions that generate added value through the implementation of R&D&I lines.

CONTACTICA is involved in the execution stage of each project, providing services for R&D&I activities, ranging from generation of the idea, fundraising and carrying them out through collaborations with different research centres.

All our projects have been supported and financed by public agencies which have placed their trust in our activities. The main areas where our projects are developed are the following:

FP7: Projects financed by the 7th Framework Programme

Food Industry:

CDTI: Projects financed by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology of Spain (CDTI)

Regional projects

International agreements

R&D in the Food Industry and Health

CONTACTICA’s team realises the effect that nutrition habits have on human health, especially the prevention of different diseases such as cardiovascular ones. This leads us to the development of healthier food products and functional ingredients. Concerning the food industry, one of the main interests is the development of innovative technologies to make processes more efficient and sustainable.

CONTACTICA has taken part in different stages (such as management of the consortium, applying for funding, execution, justification and technical assistance) of projects in the following areas:

R&D in Environment and Eco-Innovation

One of the main issues in industrial activities lies in the high volume of waste generated each year, with the associated economic and environmental impact they cause. Therefore, our team is committed to the valorisation of these residues in situ to generate value-added products that can be commercially exploited.

CONTACTICA participates in the development of technologies for the treatment of contaminated air and water that are innovative and more environmentally friendly. In parallel, CONTACTICA is involved in projects that focus on sustainability and energy efficiency..

The following projects have or have had with the active participation of CONTACTICA in submission to government agencies to search for funding, implementation and / or support: