Prospective analysis – Technology watch –
International Benchmarking

We use advanced methodologies, powerful databases and own field studies to carry out innovation and internationalization processes with the minimum associated risk.

Prospective and industrial or technological watch is a staple of any company that competes developing activities, processes or products with the aim of breaking through new markets and promoting their uptake.
It is an organized, systematic and ongoing process that features the collection, analysis and dissemination of scientific and technological information to turn it into knowledge. This allows the company to make decisions taking less risks and also to anticipate change, progress and innovate.

CONTACTICA makes this essential tool for business innovation available to its customers. The advice of an expert is increasingly necessary as due to new technologies, the volume of information available is huge.

We apply our own methodology to offer customers a comprehensive report of technology surveillance that will identify the threats and opportunities for your business.

Benchmarking is a systematic and continuous process for the evaluation of services, processes, products, and strategies, etc. from a company against reference organizations. It consists of a series of activities to be carried out constantly in search for best practices in the industry in which they operate.

CONTACTICA offers its customers the ability to conduct feasibility studies, helping to foster innovation and competitiveness at the lowest cost and with the greatest return. We recommend to perform these processes to maximize the return on customers’ investments.

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